Last updated December 17, 2008

Operating Principles and Values

  • Our intention is to create a transparent, inclusive, and accountable organization designed to serve the interests of its members and to represent those interests to the same-sex partner dance communities around the world. As such, NASSPDA operates as a non-profit organization. The organization provides consistent standards, guidelines, definitions for same-sex competitions and the coordination of scheduling and dissemination of information for the growing number of such competitions in North America. Members include dancers, competitors, teachers, event organizers and other interested parties. The organization respects and encourages diversity with respect to race, ethnicity, disability, and gender identity and expression.
  • Privacy: As a matter of policy, NASSPDA never gives out our mailing list including any list of members that is created. We will consider sending information to our members under conditions yet to be determined, but NASSPDA does not share membership lists with other individuals or organizations.
  • Transparency of governance: NASSPDA is committed to operating in a fully transparent manner. In support of that commitment, we publish all NASSPDA policies for public review. To that end, any item announcing specific Board policy includes the names of all Board members. This includes letters offering to sanction competitions or authorize titles. [3/02/08]
  • Definition of North America for NASSPDA purposes is any political or geographical region that is identified as part of the North American continent by an official public source. If an individual lives in a geographic region that could be considered part of another continent as well as North America, we would expect individuals to belong to only one regionally defined membership organization of same-sex partner dancing. [3/02/08]

NASSPDA Policies

  1. Membership
  2. Competitions and Titles
  3. Board Governance


These pages reflect all NASSPDA policies adopted to date and will be updated regularly. The date that appears after a given policy item is the date that policy was adopted or amended by the Board. Comments and/or questions should be directed to: info@nasspda.org