Richard Lamberty - Former

Richard Lamberty / Board Member 2008 through 2010

Richard LambertyHow are you actively and currently involved in same sex ballroom dance?

I am currently a competitor, teacher, and competition organizer. I am three time U.S. Men's Standard Champion, three time Men's Standard World Silver Medalist, and winner of the gold medal in Men's Standard at the 2006 Gay Games. I teach individuals and couples from several areas of the U.S. and from various parts of Europe. I am the organizer of April Follies, a same-sex ballroom competion held each year in the Bay Area of CA, as well as the organizer of the 2007 U.S. Same-sex Championships.

What relevant leadership experience, such as serving on a board of a membership driven or non-profit organization and/or experience in helping to create such an organization, do you have?

I am the past Vice President of the USADSF. I have served on the Board of the Universal Round Dance Council, the Northern California Round Dance Teacher's Association, and the Florida Round Dancer Teacher's Association. I am a member of URDC, RoundALab (the professional Round Dance Teacher's Association), the National Dance Council of America, the U.S. Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance, and DVIDA. I have been involoved in same-sex ballroom dancing since 1996, offering classes in both the Bay Area, as well as in Florida, teaching and coaching couples from across the U.S. and Europe, and organizing a variety of same-sex ballroom competitions over the past five years. I have owned and operated a small software consulting firm, as well as worked in the field of software development leading teams of up to 35 people on diverse projects ranging from the banking system of the Dutch Government, to a satellite control system for NASA, to a robotics system for the Avon Corporation.