Citabria Ozzuna - Former

Citabria Ozzuna / Board Member 2008 through 2009

Citabria OzzunaHow are you actively and currently involved in same sex ballroom dance?

I am a social and competitive dancer, teacher and organizer.

Recent competitions include the 2006 Gay Games in Chicago, the 2006 OutGames in Montreal, the U.S. Same-Sex Championship in Orlando, Florida June 2007, the EuroGames in Antwerp July 2007 and California Dreaming in Emeryville CA October 2007.

In order to promote awareness, create alliances and raise our level of dancing, my dance partner and I perform and compete at numerous varied events ranging from the City Lights Ball in San Francisco to the Metronome Dance Center's annual showcase to Transgender San Francisco's yearly coalition gala.

What relevant leadership experience, such as serving on a board of a membership driven or non-profit organization and/or experience in helping to create such an organization, do you have?

For three years in San Francisco in the mid 1990s I participated in a non-profit group called Empty the Shelters which had centers in Philadelphia and San Francisco.  The last year I was on the organizing committee for the San Francisco chapter.  It was a grass-roots organization that networked with other organizations as well as facilitated and produced direct actions.

In 2000, having completed with Honors the Bronze and Silver Levels of Diane Jarmolow's Teacher Training College in the American Style Smooth, Latin and Night Club sections, I earned High Honors on the DVIDA American Style Basic Teacher Test and Honors on the DVIDA Bronze International Foxtrot and Waltz tests.

I was a founding member and on the board of Queer Jitterbugs and Queer Ballroom. 

More recently, I was a member of the organizing committee of the 2007 California Dreaming Same-sex Dancesport Classic competition and show.  

For the last two years I have been co-organizing and co-teaching the Sunday same-sex International Style program in Oakland California.  Through this program Zoe Balfour and I organized and taught many couples who participated in the 2006 Gay Games. 

As the director of the same-sex community development for Karen Lile Dance I've also helped to develop the same-sex dance program at Just Dance Ballroom in Oakland, California.