Kieren Jameson - Former

Kieren Jameson / Board Member 2010

Kieren JamesonHow are you actively and currently involved in same sex ballroom dance?

I have been dancing socially since 2002 and competitively in both American and International ballroom since 2003. My recent competitions include the 2008 North American Same-Sex Championship in New York, 2009 Pink Jukebox in London, 2009 North American Same-Sex Championships in Oakland, 2009 OutGames in Copenhagen, and 2009 California Dreaming in San Francisco. I am also a founding member of the El Rio Women’s Dance Collective and have taught both ballroom and social dance.

In order to promote same-sex ballroom I have performed at many events with the El Rio Collective, my dance partner, and other same-sex dance groups, including at post-competition shows (e.g, California Dreaming and Dancing in the River City), non-profit fundraising events (e.g., Santa Cruz Baile-thon, and San Francisco Lupus Cancer Research fundraiser at Project Artaud Theater) and other same-sex community events (e.g., San Francisco Castro Street Fair and Santa Cruz Pride).

I enjoy participating in many same-sex social dance events, including ballroom and country dance parties.

What relevant leadership experience, such as serving on a board of a membership driven or non-profit organization and/or experience in helping to create such an organization, do you have?

I have worked for a health education non-profit for the past 11 years and was a founding board member of the Gay and Lesbian Sierrans (a Section of the Ventana Chaper of the Sierra Club). I have also provided pro-bono web development work for various non-profits and other organizations, including NASSPDA, the Santa Cruz Baile-thon, April Follies, and the International QueerTango Festival.