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Luc Richer / Board Member 2011

Luc Richer

After serving as a judge at the Montreal OutGames in 2006, I became Co-Owner of the Studio Arc en Ciel in Montreal. I was also invited to judge at the OutGames in Denmark and the Gay Games 2010 in Germany. I'm happy to be part of a strongly developing same-sex ballroom community in Quebec.

I started to dance at the age of 5, and participated in my first competition that same year. I continued ballroom studies through my teenage years, and in 1991 I won my first Canadian title in the 10 dance events (amateur level). I represented Canada at the World ten dance championship in Moscow, and turned professional in 1992. That year I represented Canada at the Blackpool Dance Festival (Exhibition Division). I took a long break from competition, my passion reinvigorated, and I started again in 2006. That year I won the first place at the Canadian Championship (Smooth Division). In 2009 I had the opportunity to represent Canada as a judge at the World Showcase Championship in Siberia. I belong to the ISTD and have a Fellow in Standard and a Member in Latin. I'm a member of the Canadian Dance Federation. I'm also a member of the Quebec Chamber of Commerce and part of the Organization Equipe Montreal with whom I participate at the Gay Pride Festival of Montreal.