Winter Held - Former

Winter Held / Board Member 2008 through 2009

Winter HeldHow are you actively and currently involved in same sex ballroom dance?

I joyfully compete and perform in same-sex International Standard Ballroom.  My partner and I took two gold medals at the 2006 Gay Games, and 2nd Place in A Level Int'l Standard in the 2007 US Championships in Florida.  I am one of 4 members of Rainbow Ballroom, whose mission is to strengthen and grow the same-sex ballroom community, to support the values of inclusion, cooperation, mutual support, transparency and open communication in our community, and to demonstrate the value of same-sex ballroom dance both within the LGBT community and at large.  We produce ballroom tea-dances for same-sex dancers, and host and organize community meetings in support of those values.  We also were hosts and producers for the 10/07/07 meeting which resulted in this election.  I am a founding member of QueerTango, an organization dedicated to creating a lively, inclusive same-sex Argentine Tango community in the Bay Area.  I also served as script writer and grantwriter on "OutBallroom", a film about the Bay Area same-sex ballroom community and its participation in the Gay Games in 2006, and as transcriber and writer for "Tango Con*Fusion", a film about a Bay Area all-women Argentine Tango dance company.

What relevant leadership experience, such as serving on a board of a membership driven or non-profit organization and/or experience in helping to create such an organization, do you have?

I have worked for most of my adult life in non-profits, usually as staff working directly with boards. As executive secretary for the VP of Continuing Education at the American Academy of Ophthalmology I had direct responsibility for assisting the 28 physician member Continuing Education Board of Directors for 7 years. I founded a non-profit charity, Stone Soup, to provide an emergency bridge fund for those working in little theatre in the Bay Area.  I worked as assistant to the Development Director at Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church and St. Mary's Cathedral in San Francisco, managing their donor databases. I have experience in most aspects of starting and running a non-profit, including grantwriting, project management, fundraising, HR and licensing, and managing membership.  I currently work as an administrator for NIAD Art Center, a non-profit art studio and gallery for adults with disabilities.  I manage the office, the volunteers, and the supporting membership list, among other things.  I am one of 4 directors of  Rainbow Ballroom and one of 3 directors of QueerTango, both of which are run as non-profit organizations.