Welcome to NASSDPA

January 2008


Dear Dancers,

On October 7, 2007 an historic event occurred. Thirty-three same-sex partner/ballroom dancers, competitors, organizers, and other interested parties from many parts of the U.S. and Canada met at the Allegro Ballroom in Emeryville, CA, and voted to create a membership organization whose primary focus will be same-sex ballroom dance in North America.

Our intention is to create a transparent, inclusive, and accountable organization designed to serve the interests of its members and to represent those interests to the same-sex ballroom communities around the world. As such, it will operate as a non-profit organization. Among the things we're hoping the organization will provide are consistent standards, guidelines, definitions for same-sex competitions and the coordination of scheduling and dissemination of information for the growing number of such competitions in North America. Members would include dancers, competitors, teachers, event organizers and other interested parties. The organization will respect and encourage diversity with respect to race, ethnicity, disability, and gender identity and expression.

As far as we know, no existing organization has this structure, scope, and intention. By vote of the newly elected Board of Directors name for this organization is:

"North American Same-sex Partner Dance Association"

replacing the working name of "North American Same-sex Dancesport Association" ("NASSDA").


We have a working name but don't yet have a constitution. What we do have are ideas and energy. We seek and encourage the same from others in our community.

At the October 7 meeting, an Ad Hoc committee* was charged with holding elections for a founding Board of Directors by January 1, 2008, and framing the new organization's mission statement. Following the election, the newly elected Board will continue the work of shaping this organization. The election was held, and we now have a 7-person Board representing different geographic areas of North America:

  • Richard Lamberty, Florida
  • Sonja Furiya, Missouri
  • Barbara Zoloth, California
  • Benjamin Soencksen, New York
  • Winter Held, California
  • Citabria Phillips, California
  • Pat Hogan, British Columbia

Richard Lamberty and Barbara Zoloth were elected to serve as Co-Chairs.