Interim Report

Interim Report, Sep 28, 2008

Dear Dancers,

Welcome to the first interim report from Board of Directors!  We want to let you know what we have been doing these past 9 months and what will be coming soon.

First, thank you so much for having the creative vision and confidence to bring NASSPDA into being.  The Board individually and collectively are honored that you had enough faith in us to elect us, and we have been working hard to bring this vision into reality.

The Board works primarily through regular conference calls and holds in-person meetings whenever possible.  We've had 11 meetings to date, and the minutes of those meetings can be accessed on the NASSPDA website at  We encourage you to check them out and give us feedback and suggestions through any of the directors (see email addresses below).

As you will see from the meeting minutes we are primarily building our organizational structure such as mission statement, bylaws, board governance and non-profit status, and doing future planning, including preparing to open membership.  We hope to have memberships available by January 1, 2009. Watch this space!

We have also established NASSPDA sanctioning of competitions and titles. The following competitions have been sanctioned:

  • 5 Boro Same Sex Dance Challenge (NYC, NY)
  • Vancouver Queer Dance Classic (BC Canada)
  • April Follies (Bay Area, CA)
  • Philadelphia Liberty Challenge (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Dancing in the River City (Sacramento, CA)
  • California Dreaming (Oakland, CA)

State/Province open championship titles have been sanctioned for:

  • New York State (5 Boro Same Sex Dance Challenge)
  • BC Canada (Vancouver Queer Dance Classic)
  • California State (April Follies)
  • Pennsylvania (Philadelphia Liberty Challenge)

The NASSPDA North American Open Championships have been established with rotating host competitions.  The first NASSPDA North American Open Championship titles were awarded in August 2008 at 5 Boro Same Sex Dance Challenge in New York City.  Winners of NASSPDA North American championships are listed on our website.

Please feel free to post and forward this letter wherever interested parties might be able to see it.  We are looking forward to completing our non-profit registration, draft by-laws and draft constitution, and setting the date for our first ever Annual Meeting. We will keep you informed of progress.  We wish you joyful dancing!