Update Letter

Update Report from NASSPDA Board, Oct 23, 2009

Dear NASSPDA members, associates and friends,

Your NASSPDA board has been hard at work since this organization's inception almost two full years ago. We’re very pleased with the progress we’ve made and want to share with you what we've been doing. We apologize for not having been in more frequent touch with you as we’ve been busy creating this exciting organization. We are always interested in your comments, suggestions, and questions, so please feel free to contact us at any time at info@nasspda.org Membership

We are very proud to report that, as of Oct 15, 2009, NASSPDA has 76 active members. Of these, 52 are individual members, 5 are organizational members, and 19 are associate members. One of our associate members is ESSDA, the European Same-Sex Dance Association.

2009 Annual General Meeting

We hope you’ve had a chance to read the minutes on our website of our 1st Open Annual Meeting. This historic meeting was held on Sunday April 26, 2009, at the Allegro Ballroom in Oakland California, following the April Follies competition the day before. As well as being the 3rd face-to-face meeting for the NASSPDA Board members, this was the first open meeting for members, associates and other interested people. The approximately 35 members and visitors in attendance shared their concerns and ideas for NASSPDA's role going forward. There was much discussion about the need for a consistent set of rules for same-sex dance competitions on which the NASSPDA Board has been working diligently. For example, our constituents clearly stated a desire to include a formation team category to NASSPDA’s championship titles. We are proud to announce that the first North American Formation Team Championship will be granted at Sacramento's Dancing in the River City Competition on January 17th in 2010.

NASSPDA’s annual general meeting will regularly be held in conjunction with each year’s North American Championship competition. The next of these will be the Philadelphia Liberty Dance Challenge, March 27, 2010, and the general meeting will take place the following day in Philadelphia.

Policy Development

Over the past 2 years, the NASSPDA Board has worked diligently to develop policies and procedures that establish membership categories, specify criteria for sanctioning same-sex competitions, create a process for authorizing same-sex championship titles, and provide criteria for North American championship titles. In addition, NASSPDA now has a full set of Board governance policies which describe Board structure and responsibilities of Board members. NASSPDA's mission statement has also been articulated. All of these policies can be found at www.nasspda.org along with minutes of all Board meetings and are available to both members and non-members. In addition to housing lots of information, our website is a full-functioning social networking site, and we hope our members will make use of its functionalities.

Creation of Competition Rules

We are in the process of creating rules for same-sex competitions sanctioned by NASSPDA. To avoid unnecessarily reinventing wheels, the Board is borrowing many of the rules already created by ESSDA, the European Same-Sex Dance Association. We are nearing completion of a framework for same-sex competitions across North America that will help establish and maintain consistent definitions, guidelines, and standards for same-sex competitions.

Competition Results

At present on NASSPDA.org website you can view the results for all NASSPDA authorized titles awarded in 2008 and so far in 2009, including regional (Pennsylvania, New York, and California state championships) as well as North American championship titles. Please check our website regularly for results of prior NASSPDA championship titled events and links to upcoming events.

Upcoming Election for 2010/Nomination of Board members/Join now

It's that time again--time to elect your NASSPA board members! The current (founding) Board has been hard at work for the past 2 years creating a tax-exempt non-profit corporation and developing a constitution and bylaws. We are happy to announce that all of these steps have been completed. In the interest of providing continuity, 3 of the 7 Board seats are currently up for election. Going forward, all Board terms will be two years long with either 3 or 4 Board members up for election each year. NASSPDA does not limit the number of consecutive terns an individual can serve.

A call for election will be going out very soon with deadline for nominations Nov 8, 2009. Check your email frequently for this announcement. If you don't see it by end of October, please contact our Elections Committee chairperson at cphillips@nasspda.org. We encourage you to nominate and vote for the people whom you think would represent you best, people with a vision of a strong and vibrant North American same-sex dance community.

Remember that you must be a member to vote. Please join now if you haven’t already done so. Memberships expire Dec 31 of each year.

Please let us know if there is any other way NASSPDA can serve you. This is your organization, and it is committed to transparency, inclusion, and accountability.

NASSPDA Board of Directors