FORUMS: Forum Suggestions

  • Subject:  Help Us Create Forums

    Post Date:  05:46 pm Tue Jan 13th, 2009

    Posted by:  NASSPDA Admin
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    Please suggest General FORUMS that you would like to see added to the system.
    For example:
    Social Dancing
    Competitive Dancing
    Dance Travel
    What ever you think might benefit NASSPDA members.
    We will add the most popular suggestions as a start.

  • Subject:  RE: Help Us Create Forums

    Post Date:  05:24 am Thu Jun 26th, 2014

    Posted by:  TCinDC
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    I would like to see a forum for matching dance practice partners and/or potential competition partners, even though they may live in different cities.  Compared to Europe, the numbers of dancers out there is limited, especially in International Style Standard and Latin in the mid to higher levels. With Gay Games coming up, partners may get injured or become unavailable at the last minute and it would be good to help match dancers up before Showtime.

  • Subject:  RE: New to this and some questions

    Post Date:  10:16 am Wed Sep 30th, 2015

    Posted by:  Kathy
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    I competed a couple weeks ago in my first competition in Ptown, MA and had so much fun. I would like to know if anyone has competed in Out Games and what that experience was like?
    How does one go about finding partners? Any recommendations/suggestions would be appreciated.