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DECEMBER 4TH 2016   

NASSPDA First Annual Meeting Report

3:48 PM on Sun Oct 18th, 2009
by Richard Lamberty

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On Sunday, April 26, 2009, the first annual meeting of the North American Same-Sex Partner Dance Association was held in Emeryville, CA, at the Allegro Ballroom. It was the first time that the seven NASSPDA Board members had all physically been in the same location since they were elected in December 2007. The Board reported to those present what their achievements had been to date:

  • Created a non-profit organization incorporated in the State of California
  • Applied for tax-exempt status with the State of California and the US Federal Government
  • Established initial rules and procedures for same-sex dance competitions to obtain NASSPDA sanctioning
  • Established initial rules and procedures for authorizing local, state, regional, national, and North American titles to granted by NASSPDA in specific graded events (International and American dance styles).
  • Created membership categories, defined member privileges and responsibilities, and established a membership dues structure.
  • Created organizational bylaws as required for tax-exempt status
  • Created organizational policies and procedures under which NASSPDA will operate.
  • Created a website that includes the following:
    • Extensive social networking for NASSPDA members
    • Public posting of NASSPDA documents (policies and procedures, competition rules, Board minutes, etc.)
    • Schedule of NASSPDA-sanctioned upcoming same-sex partner dance competitions.
  • Sanctioned competitions in New York, Philadelphia, Oakland, Vancouver, Sacramento
  • Authorized and awarded 2008 and 2009 North American Championship titles.

The Board's plans going forward include:
  • Expand and clarify rules for same-sex partner dance competitions
  • Create and maintain through time a data base of NASSPDA title holders
  • Develop ways to support social dance opportunities for partner dancers

Considerable discussion centered on setting NASSPDA’s priorities going forward. Details of this discussion can be found in the meeting minutes posted elsewhere on this site. Much attention was paid to creating standardized competition rules and procedures. Some of the concerns raised were related specifically to April Follies 2009, the North American Same-Sex Partner Dance Championship event held the day before. NASSPDA congratulates the organizers, participants, and newly crowned champions for a successful event.