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DECEMBER 4TH 2016   


4:47 PM on Sun Oct 18th, 2009
by Richard Lamberty

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Many European GBLT sports organizations including ESSDA (European Same-Sex Dance Association), who are members of EGLSF (European Gay & Lesbian Sports Federation), started at the Outgames in Copenhagen this year to make a strong plea for a dialogue between the organizers of the Outgames, GLISA (Gay & Lesbian International Sports Association) and the Gay Games, the FGG (The Federation of Gay Games), and to push for one set of Games.

ESSDA suggested additionally the possibility of naming the Eurogames "Open European Championships" (occurring every year the Gay Games are not held), and the resulting one set of Gay(Out)Games " World Championships" (held every 4 years). Based on this plea, a dialogue has been started between GLISA and the FGG with the result to being committed to a continued dialogue and some form of cooperation to address the community's concern. Reasons cited by many for going back to having one set of Games are:
  1. Reduced interest in both Games and the Organizers
  2. Decline in numbers of participants
  3. Affordability for the participating athletes
  4. Less potential organizers and sponsors are attracted to these smaller events
  5. Athletes decide participation based on choice of city, weather, program, rather than the type of Games and the organizers
  6. The offering/program of both Games seems hardly to differ
  7. Younger athletes are not getting involved, based on cost and difficulty to decide, which leads smaller numbers and older age participation for both Games

The Board of NASSPDA agrees with the effort of ESSDA and other organizations to get the organizers of the Gay Games and the Outgames to have, at the very least, a continued dialogue, and establish some form of cooperation. We encourage our members therefore to voice their opinion on this issue, in particular whether it is in fact desirable to have only one combined event every 4 years.