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2014 Board Election Results

10:18 PM on Sun Apr 13th, 2014
by Barbara Zoloth

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The NASSPDA Board is delighted to announce the results of the 2014 Board Election. Both Eddie Alba (California) and Michael Winward (Massachusetts) are now joining the six other NASSPDA Board members Lee Fox (Florida), Garret Gerritsen (California), Pat Hogan (Vancouver, Canada), Benjamin Soencksen (New York), Kathy Wildman (Missouri), and Barbara Zoloth (California). Your Board members look forward to an exciting year that will include the first officially sanctioned World Championship of same-sex dance to be held at the Gay Games in Cleveland, OH, this August, followed by the North American Championship to be held at the Boston Open in October. Congratulations to all Board members and thanks to all of you who voted!   MORE >>

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Board Election 2014

6:06 PM on Wed Feb 08th, 2012
by Christopher Kelleher

Nominations & 2014 Election of NASSPDA's Board of Directors

It's that time of the year again--time for your vote!

Each Director of the NASSPDA Board serves a term of two years, and each year 3-4 Board members' terms expire. This year's candidates will be: Lee Fox (Florida), Pat Hogan (Vancouver), Eddie Alba (California), and Michael Winward (Massachusetts). We have 3 seats to fill, so you will be asked to vote for no more than 3 candidates. The Election will take place in March 2014, and every NASSPDA member will be sent an electronic link to the ballot. (People who have registered to vote via snail-mail will be sent a paper ballot.) Ballots will include statements by the candidates as well as their photos. Voting will close on March 22, 2014, and results announced by or before March 29, 2014 on NASSPDA's website..

Current Board members whose terms are not expiring this year are Garret Gerritsen (California), Benjamin Soencksen (New York), Kathy Wildman (Missouri), and Barbara Zoloth (California).

If you have questions, please e-mail:    MORE >>

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2012 North American NASSPDA Championships

7:08 PM on Sun Sep 25th, 2011
by Christopher Kelleher

EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION OPENS SATURDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2011 Dancing In The River City: Sunday, January 15, 2012    MORE >>

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2011 Election Results

9:23 AM on Sat Apr 02nd, 2011
by Christopher Kelleher

Congratulations are in order for NASSPDA's newly elected and re-elected board members. And thanks to all who voted.

The full NASSPDA board is:

  • Lee Fox, Florida
  • Sonja Furiya, Missouri
  • Pat Hogan, Vancouver
  • Christopher Kelleher, Massachusetts
  • Mario Spenard, Quebec
  • Benjamin Soencksen, New York
  • Barbara Zoloth, California

  • Please join us for April Follies in Oakland, April 30 for the first official NASSPDA-authorized USA National Championships of same-sex dancesport! And then in July at the OutGames in Vancouver, featuring the North American Championships.

    NASSPDA's next General Meeting will be held in Vancouver in conjunction with the OutGames. A community meeting will follow April Follies. Dancers and other interested folks are encouraged to attend these meetings.

    NASSPDA also has a Facebook page. Please check it out and 'friend' us.
       MORE >>

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    Board Member Election 2011

    6:58 PM on Fri Feb 04th, 2011
    by Christopher Kelleher

    Dear Dancers,

    NASSPDA elections are coming soon!!!
    Nominations are due February 18, and voting will open March 4.

    NASSPDA wants to continue cultivating a diverse board, representative of partner dancers from all over North America. If partner dancing is important to you, please consider running for the Board or nominating someone who represents you.

    In order to vote you must be a current NASSPDA member. Everything you need to become a member is online at: Please note that memberships expire at the end of each calendar year. All currently active individual or organizational members are eligible to nominate candidates, to run for the Board, and to vote in the election. Associate members are not required to pay dues and do not have voting rights.

    Active members can find nomination materials at (see Organizational).    MORE >>