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Joint ESSDA / NASSPDA Letter

2:38 PM on Mon Aug 16th, 2010
by Richard Lamberty

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Dear members of ESSDA and NASSPDA, and other interested persons and organisations!

Re: Conversations towards a World Federation

On Friday, August 6th, 2010, representatives from ESSDA and NASSPDA met at 5:00 PM at the Hotel Maritim in Cologne, Germany, with interested members of the public at large to discuss the results of a survey conducted during the preceding 4 days of dance competitions at the Gay Games in Cologne.

This survey asked individuals to answer yes or no to five questions. The survey was placed outside the dancers’ practice and changing room, a location easily accessible to all interested parties. Its purpose and further information about it was announced throughout the days of competitions, and a sign was affixed to the wall indicating prompting participation in this survey, thus providing ample time and opportunity for everyone’s views to be collected.

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Competition Results

11:52 AM on Thu Aug 05th, 2010
by Christopher Kelleher

Results for the Gay Games DanceSport events are available online at the ESSDA website RESULTS. Congratulations to the dancers and all who support them!   MORE >>

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Let the Games Begin

11:52 AM on Mon Aug 02nd, 2010
by Christopher Kelleher

For those attending the Gay Games in Cologne, be on the lookout for NASSPDA Board members Barbara, Richard, and Benjamin. And spread the word to other North American dancers. Help grow our community!    MORE >>

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To all our friends attending the Gay Games in Cologne

6:13 PM on Tue Jul 13th, 2010
by Christopher Kelleher

NASSPDA wishes you:
bonne chance
good luck
buena suerte.
Keep us in mind for sharing your stories and triumphs and favorite photos.   MORE >>

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NASSPDA Competition Rules Now Available to Members

1:55 PM on Mon Jul 12th, 2010
by Barbara Zoloth

The NASSPDA Board has been working long and hard on creating a consistent set of rules to be used in same-sex competitions throughout North America. NASSPDA members are encouraged to review these rules and submit any comments to the NASSPDA Board by Sept 1, 2010, after which final rules will be issued.

To submit your comments and for more information, please contact rules@nasspda. org.

Not a member yet? Click on "Register" above, follow the steps to join, and we'll send you a copy of the proposed rules.   MORE >>